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Your Security

Designed by the King of Traders for All Traders

Imagine, at last, that your broker is always on your side, that he will never go against your positions in order to make you trade with maximum confidence.

Through JRFT and its technology partners all your orders will be transferred anonymously, so no one will be able to know where your stops are.

Have you ever had such security before? 


Our spreads in real time

We apply costs and fees in a transparent manner. Don't be fooled by those who promise zero spreads and commissions below cost, you'll have the illusion of paying less, but you'll soon realize you're paying a lot more!

Don't you understand why?

Look here at what a market maker broker or a " not 100% ECN" with YOUR money.

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Why did it take us years to disclose it? 

It is very simple; it had to be very easy to use, maximum technological research for an elementary use. 


But there is more,

Joe Ross's greatest virtue, recognized around the world, is Ethicality,

for this, we had no option other than conceiveing a symbolic price!

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Low spreads, instant execution and a team of experts at your disposal.

Interactive trading courses and webinars with techniques from the world's biggest trader and other traders certified by Joe Ross. Free demo account

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Our Story is Your Safety

Joe Ross has achieved great successes in his life with the most important professional triumphs he could achieve. The creation of Joe Ross Fair Trading shows how he, having reached and exceeded the "eighties", does not stop thinking about the future and wanted to undertake a new business that is at the top of the list for importance in this discipline.

Our 5 key points:

1. Direct control of the account: the customer is the only one who can access it to view transactions in progress as well as deposit and withdraw

2. Certified performance of strategies that have often made profits on the world markets (from +40% on capital and more)

3. Security: your funds deposited on segregated accounts in European banks and not in an unspecified bank in exotic countries.

4. Exclusive use of more than 200 proprietary techniques, listed in the macro categories on the page dedicated to Joe Ross' Trading Systems

5. No subscription costs; you will be charged only the lowest commissions on the professional market for your transactions.

6. Support of the best experts  in  strategies trading thanks to the direct connection of Joe Ross Fair Trading with the Academies of Trading Educators-Joe Ross and LTF Europe.

7. Execution on the market in less than 2ms, in an interbank liquidity pool, thanks to 100% ECN technology working alongside you.

8. Spreads from 0.0 pips with no hidden fees or commissions

9. Direct access to the unique and exclusive JR Fair Trading Webinars that enables you to be guided until you are profitable. 

10. Technical videos created by those who have made history in trading since 1945.


We have been in Italy for more than 15 years, teaching countless traders how to use Joe Ross' techniques.

International Team

The JRFT team consists of an international group of traders led by Joe Ross.


We offer everyone the opportunity to study, differentiating ourselves from those who promise easy earnings.

Joe Ross and KTM

they are 100% ethical

Joe Ross Fair Trading operates solely as a marketing vehicle, acts solely as a marketing website and keeps no trace of its visitors other than the one stated in our privacy policy.
This website should not, therefore, be construed as aimed  soliciting savings from the public and the training offered should only be considered as a means of studying the financial markets.