Our Story

Innovative and unique trading


From the past to Fintech 2.0

The experience we have gained from decades of activity in markets all over the world, through our Academies that train successful traders is complemented by the application of the basic concepts of the strategies that are the subject of education that can now safely trade at our side. We always maintain at the centre of our interests, the trader’s figure and his profit.


For this reason Joe Ross has created a pool of automated strategies that allow you to combine the certainties of a myth about trading with the technology of the period we are living.


Operational and educational 

If you are oriented towards discretionary trading, Joe Ross Fair Trading, through the work of its Academies, allows you to build your professionalism as a trader at the highest level, transferring your skills to be able to operate in markets around the world independently or followed by our certified Master Traders and accredited in our MT4 platform.

In this way you will find yourself facing the pitfalls of trading in a safe and secure way, having at your disposal all the strategies of JRFT, which for decades has elaborated and implemented winning techniques and strategies for all the financial instruments that brokers present to you. Therefore, all our users will benefit from the philosophy that has led Joe Ross to be profitable in the markets, through webinars and constant educational updates.

Any operational uncertainty will be removed in order to make the experience of online trading, as well as training, more profitable for our traders.

Joe Ross Fair Trading operates solely as a marketing vehicle, acts solely as a marketing website and keeps no trace of its visitors other than the one stated in our privacy policy.
This website should not, therefore, be construed as aimed  soliciting savings from the public and the training offered should only be considered as a means of studying the financial markets.