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My first course with Joe Ross

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I think it was the last time Joe came to Italy, about ten years ago.

Until then, my trading experience had fluctuated from one course to another, I was operating with a well-known broker. Balance sheet: only a few thousand € of losses over the course of about 5 years of operation.

I drove about 300 km to get to Bologna where “Day Trading” was held in 2 days, the course that updates the legendary book of the same name by the great trader that I had studied before with great care and also obtained the first results with a certain consistency .

I remember a classroom with almost a hundred people, mostly already competent and in any case aware, also thanks to the registration fee certainly not within everyone’s reach, but – with hindsight – certainly congruent with the contents you would have brought at home.

Finally in front of me (I was in the last row but I could see very well) the myth of trading and next to him Guido Albi Marini, protege and successor of him who assisted him and translated him.

I immediately appreciated the great humanity that emanated from that bearded man: it was evident that every word that came out of his mouth was a revelation. Weighted words that described an absolutely unique approach to matter, almost as experienced from within and with a precise explanation for everything that brought certain consequences. In there, after years I realized that the markets are really driven by fear and greed. Two forces that determine tangible and visible effects in the graphs through those patterns that Joe always takes as a reference to build the entry and exit strategies.

The recommendation that before a trade there must be all, I mean all the favorable conditions is the best guarantee for its success which, only with those characteristics can reach a percentage of 80-90% of success. For each element that is missing, the chances decrease by as much as 10-15%, so the boundary that separates a successful trader from a losing one can truly be those details that most overlook or consider superfluous! But isn’t it because of the details that some companies have become billionaires and, again for the same seemingly tiny details, that epochal discoveries have been made?

Probably there is the whole difference between success and failure, between winning or losing.

Those minutiae that must still be the excess part of a solid basic preparation and an experience that forces you to take a path that often cannot be separated from the experience of error and failure before changing direction. But that’s where the battle is played out. Capitalizing on experience through knowledge, study, perseverance and humility.

This taught me Joe to whom I owe everything I have learned and what good he has brought into my life as a trader and as a man.

At the end of each course he blessed everyone with the “trader’s prayer”. A moment of great intensity where he invoked the blessing of that God in whom everyone recognizes himself in a different name and where he hoped for an ethical and altruistic use of the things he learned during the lessons.

Today, after ten years, I remain of the idea that I have never yet met such a capable trader, but I believe that I have also met very few such great people.

Leonardo Agosti

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