Joe Ross FT

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The Life Index

For Joe, trading was an important part of life. He considered this discipline as an integrated aspect of the person’s existence. According to him, an individual with little integrity, without self-discipline and morals, could hardly have become a great trader as his weaknesses sooner or later would have repercussions on his business. In fact, we …

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Goodbye Joe

The whole trading world mourns its legend. A few hours ago Joe Ross passed away. His family communicates it to us directly, granting us the privilege of giving a preview of it from its only official page. He was 86 years old and had for some time been suffering from health problems that had worsened …

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Day Trading

How to enter and exit trades People often ask me when to enter a trade, where to place the stop and when to exit the position. In this book I reveal which major, intermediate and minor entry signals I follow. The main signals are my favorites and I optimize them with my Traders Trick (TTE) …

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