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Students' Letters

My first course with Joe Ross

I think it was the last time Joe came to Italy, about ten years ago. Until then, my trading experience had fluctuated from one course

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Joe Ross story

The Life Index

For Joe, trading was an important part of life. He considered this discipline as an integrated aspect of the person’s existence. According to him, an

Ross Hook

A brief history of the Ross Hook

Ross’s hook is certainly the market entry pattern that made Joe famous. There is no professional or even amateur trader who does not know him,

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Joe Ross story

Goodbye Joe

The whole trading world mourns its legend. A few hours ago Joe Ross passed away. His family communicates it to us directly, granting us the

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Trading as Business

Solutions to earn more in your trading This 380-page manual gives you psychological and technical tools that improve your trade selection by

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Day Trading Forex

Trade Forex and take home your earnings even with limited accounts Forex trading is heavily advertised and popular, but it’s deadly too!

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Day Trading

How to enter and exit trades People often ask me when to enter a trade, where to place the stop and when to exit the