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Day Trading

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How to enter and exit trades

People often ask me when to enter a trade, where to place the stop and when to exit the position. In this book I reveal which major, intermediate and minor entry signals I follow. The main signals are my favorites and I optimize them with my Traders Trick (TTE) entry technique.

The book shows how, when and where I place my stop losses and take profits, for example, on the reversal bars and with the breach technique.

Daytrading gives you the techniques to produce both Futures, Stocks and Forex profits in each market, both on intraday charts (eg 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes) and on daily / weekly charts for each time frame. It is a real 330 page manual that contains dozens of real trade charts: if you want to identify a trend before anyone else, know when to take profits and learn where to place your stops, this is the most important book of your life!

The Daytrading book reveals my techniques for successful trading. It is the essence of more than fifty years of trading experience.

Joe Ross

Also available in E-Book format. Soon available in our store

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