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The whole trading world mourns its legend.

A few hours ago Joe Ross passed away. His family communicates it to us directly, granting us the privilege of giving a preview of it from its only official page.

He was 86 years old and had for some time been suffering from health problems that had worsened following an accidental fall.

For many years Joe had lived in Uruguay where he had retired to seek a quiet life but always with an eye on his greatest passion that he has never stopped practicing, since he was 16.

Before being a great trader he was a person with moral and spiritual principles that have characterized his life, career and his mission of teaching hundreds of thousands of students around the world.

His last trip to Italy dates back to 2013 on the occasion of some live courses organized by Trading Educators. It was the last chance for us to be able to see it in person.

Guido Albi Marini, a direct pupil and friend of him, remembers him this way: “I learned of her passing as a daughter of hers who has been looking after her interests for years and with whom we often talk.

She phoned me with condolences because I had lost a great friend. I must say that I was doubly impressed not only by the bad news, but also by the singular and affectionate way in which she was communicated to me.

With Joe I spent a few years in the United States, where after putting me to the test, she took me as his pupil.

The memory is of a simple person who emanated a great serenity. Nothing to do with the stress and strain we are used to seeing in the trading world.

Seeing him at work was a bit like being able to imagine Mozart at the piano: even the management of the most complex trades in his hands seemed simple, so much so that he often laughed with amusement while accumulating profits on profits!

Clearly, behind all this there was a very deep knowledge of the laws of the market.

He knew by heart where the ‘sharks’ would go and anticipated their every move with wisdom and mastery.

Today an era of great responsibility opens up for us at Joe Ross Fair Trading, having to bear a baton that has been entrusted to us by Joe for many years and that, today more than ever, leads us to represent his name all over the world. , definitively sanctioning a generational transition that must combine his immortal wisdom with the evolution of technology and changing markets. ”

Currently in a context as popular as it is inflated and strewn with false prophets, traps and misleading messages, Joe leaves us a great legacy and a heritage to preserve and spread in the name of ethics and deep knowledge of the 2 emotions that have always moved the markets: fear and greed.

Joe will be remembered as the first trader who conquered them thanks to his study, humility and detachment from these emotions that he knew how to tame by making him a free spirit destined to shine forever alongside the other stars in the sky.

Joe Ross FT

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