That disease after which a great trader became Joe Ross

Joe Ross, in addition to being the one who literally made the history of trading, was known above all for his ethics and goodness of mind.

Virtually unknown qualities in the world of Finance. However, there was a decisive fact in his life that highlighted even more his human gifts and his fervent religiosity.

In 1985 he was struck by a serious illness.

“I saw death coming to take me”

the great trader said to his closest friends

“there I understood that as human beings we are part of something much bigger and brighter than our little life, often lived in an individualistic and selfish way. We are part of a whole, something immense that unites us as human beings but not only; it unites all living beings. We believe we are alone and separate from others but instead there is an invisible thread that unites us all “.

This genuine and authentic sense of brotherhood developed by Joe as a result of what some might define “near-death experience”, has meant that, from that day, he began to consider life as a precious commodity, so much so that he took a decision that was initially discussed within his family but then accepted, given his firm determination to pursue it: from that day his knowledge would no longer be a secret.

Everyone had to know what he had learned in 30 years of study, work and experience. He thus founded his first Academy and directly formed his first students who were to spread the Word throughout the world.

Thus it was that in the following 30 years trading schools were born in his name in over 30 countries and all over the world he learned those techniques that told the very essence of what moves the markets. “Looking at indicators, oscillators and doing complicated analysis is fine to understand the past” he often used to say, “but the market is now, you need to know why it is moving in that direction now and why it can tell you quite reliably. observing patterns “. The Ross Hook, the 1-2-3 reversal figure, the Reversal and the Inside bar are some of the many figures that are telling us that something is happening and, if certain conditions are met, the trader can evaluate an entry. and take that profit which, according to Joe, can reward you up to 7-8 times out of ten.

This is what the Academies teach about him and even today, those techniques duly updated and related to modern markets, manage to make the difference.

Guido Albi Marini, met Joe just at the time when his academies were being born in more and more countries.

“At the time I was already living in the USA, I approached Joe out of curiosity, fascinated by his person and by the profound value of his techniques that went to the source of the cause. He welcomed me with his usual kind manner and his great availability.

After a sort of test to check my level of preparation, he asked me a few questions, then he looked me straight in the eye and told me I could come back the next day. I would have been his pupil ”!

Since then my life has changed radically. Doors opened for me that I was unaware of. My trading became more and more effective and became my profession. Today we are his only Academy authorized to spread his name not only in Italy but throughout the world.

We will soon go on the market by listing ourselves and thus allowing those who wish to invest in the most important brand in the history of trading. We will have a new high-level academy where we will teach everything that Joe has passed on to us in 20 years of closeness. ”

Would all this have happened if Joe hadn’t been dying? It is a question that no one can answer, however, at least for that time, the appointment with death was postponed.

Joe Ross

The image in this post seems almost taken just a few days after escaping it.

A gesture to mock and postpone that appointment that sooner or later would come but many, many years later.

After doing what that experience probably had to teach him.

Today, thanks to all this, there are thousands of traders who make a living from trading and support their family thanks to him.

Thanks, Joe.

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