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The Life Index

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For Joe, trading was an important part of life. He considered this discipline as an integrated aspect of the person’s existence. According to him, an individual with little integrity, without self-discipline and morals, could hardly have become a great trader as his weaknesses sooner or later would have repercussions on his business.
In fact, we see this in almost all of those people who have reached very high levels in entrepreneurship, sports, the arts and all those activities where the value of what you have become cannot be separated from who you are as a person.
According to him, life is a path towards the best version of oneself and, in the absence of a model to follow that allows you to have rules and to deal with your progress on a daily basis, the evolution of the self could proceed much more slowly.

The great Gurus of personal growth from Napoleon Hill to Antony Robbins, teach that to excel and achieve one’s personal, work, emotional goals, etc., it is very essential to follow the rules and practice an iron discipline.
To help his students in this path of growth and awareness, Joe has developed the Life Index.
Thus he describes it to his students:
“The life index is a tool that you can use to help you create the habits you want to acquire.
It is the organization of a plan that will help you “grasp” your thoughts and govern your actions. The life index is a simple concept that, if applied diligently, will serve you as a navigation tool to stay on course towards your goal of becoming a successful trader.

You can use the index to evaluate your daily life and to graph your progress as you work to implement your plan. Feel free to change the categories to better suit your personal situation. Add, remove, or edit categories in any way that suits you best. For example, some may wish to add the category ‘Spiritual Life’ or something else.

Now let’s go over each question, to clarify how to score each day and week, and how to chart your path to success.
Your answers are of course subjective, honesty is crucial “.

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