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Trading as Business

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Solutions to earn more in your trading

This 380-page manual gives you psychological and technical tools that improve your trade selection by providing you with concrete solutions. What should I do after entering a trade? You’ve heard of money management.

You’ve heard that you have to keep your losses small and let your profits run, but you know from experience that it’s not easy. So, what exactly needs to be done to keep losses small and let profits run? Money management alone is not enough: you need practical tools for managing your trades, risk, business and yourself.

Excessive trading, lack of courage to enter a trade, too long stay in a trade with profits that turn into losses, uncertainty of the results (winning and losing periods): discover and deepen in this book the real causes – psychological and approach to trading – which cause the trader’s problems.

Here are some of the benefits of this book:

1) Respond effectively to market behavior (instead of trying in vain to predict it).

2) You change your behavior to be successful in the markets (since markets cannot be changed).

3) Trade with an entrepreneurial approach, solid and safe. Do not proceed uncertainly, do not gamble.

4) Identify and overcome mistakes that make traders lose by developing a professional approach to trading.

5) Make stable profits in your trading based on a precise plan.

6) Manage risk in the trade correctly, because you find out how to evaluate risk.

7) Make your trading much more enjoyable and relaxed by trading with confidence.

I titled this book Trading as a Business because it teaches you how to trade profitably. To achieve the goal, he explains how to run this business with an economic motivation and solid entrepreneurial criteria.

Joe Ross

Also available in E-Book format. Soon available in our store

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