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Trading with the Ross Hook

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Solutions to earn more in your trading

How to filter and manage Ross Hooks

Examining the markets I discovered Ross Hook, a very profitable graphics training, explained in this 320-page manual:

  1. What are Ross Hooks, in what market conditions they occur and what causes them.

  2. How to accurately locate Ross Hooks: Some graphic lineups may look like Ross Hooks, but they really aren’t.

  3. Techniques to filter Ross Hooks, to select the best ones and identify effective entry signals.

  4. Techniques to manage Ross Hook trades and to identify trade exit points.

You will find answers to many questions and doubts including: when to enter or not to enter a Ross Hook? For example, you need to be very careful when:

  • A market suddenly becomes too volatile.

  • The hooks are too close together.

  • The volume collapses.

  • One hook is too far.

  • More than three correction bars occur after the hook.

By applying the tools described to your trading, you will definitely improve your results, because you will avoid entering Ross Hook which do not have high success rates.

The book contains detailed explanations and more than 200 graphs of examples – this means you learn how to evaluate many different situations. In one part of the book, I also present a sequence of 45 charts, in which I follow the same market bar by bar, to help you better clarify how to trade.

In this way you can see in practice not only the Ross Hooks, but also how the Ross Hook, 1-2-3 and congestion formations combine, which trades can be entered and which are to be avoided, the possible entries with the “technique” anticipation “.

Finally, there are tests in the book for you. In the chart you will find seven specific market situations, highlighted with question marks. At that point I’ll ask you these questions: What are the clear 1-2-3 lineups or clear Ross Hooks? Which trades would you enter and which not? Because? You will be able to compare your answers with my solutions, to help you develop your ability to examine charts and choose possible trades.

All these tools give you an important benefit: more clarity and confidence in the selection of trades.

Trading with Ross Hook was translated by Francesco Fabi, the head of Trading Educators for Italy. Francesco is a great expert in my techniques and this ensures the highest quality of the translation.


Joe Ross

Also available in E-Book format. Soon available in our store

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