Affiliate with the Best

Joe Ross is one of the greatest traders of all time and in his life he has had particularly important contacts and partnerships. Thanks to these relationships with banks, asset managers and investment funds, JRFT, in collaboration with the Academies of Trading Educators and LTF Europe, allows the best talents selected by the JRFT Commission to make a career in the institutional world.

To this end, the Joe Ross group provides the "neophyte" trader or the "expert" trader, who wants to be introduced to the finance that matters, all the knowledge of decades of activity for the path of preparation for the Pro world.

We are not talking about a course or a series of lessons, but rather, a global in-depth study lasting a full year in which the founding principles of online trading and hidden strategies will be delivered and therefore, never delivered.

If your motivations and beliefs are so strong that you think you can detach yourself from the mass of "Retail Traders" and learn the secrets of the great traders in an active and thorough way write to:

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This website should not, therefore, be construed as aimed  soliciting savings from the public and the training offered should only be considered as a means of studying the financial markets.