The Only official Indicators by Joe Ross

Joe Ross' strategies have been famous and employed by traders all over the world for over fifty years, and for this reason we have been committed to help us to do so uniquely

for your operations.

The now famous team made of engineers and programmers from JRFT, high end professionals chosen among the best in the world, and coming from different backgrounds, over the years has developed, designed, tested and used in the most lucrative financial markets, the most useful tool to deploy: our Indicator.

 The moment you will employ it you will have at your disposal a technological tool that will guide you to  the highest level pf development obtainable, a huge difference when compared with other indicators, or pseudo-ones, that are available on the market, in any of their way, shape or form.

Why did it take us years to disclose it? 

It is simple; it had to be very easy to use, but yet provide a maximum technological research for an elementary use. 

This is the secret.

Word of Joe Ross.

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What is an Indicator?

It is a very effective software, to be installed on the trading platform, which helps you to search and find a certain market trend or a certain pattern or a certain technical configuration, and so on...

Our Indicators are also and above all Screeners, i.e., tools that filter markets according to what has been coded within the source code of the Indicator, covered by Copyright.

Exclusive product
dedicated to you by Joe Ross

As you know the greatest merit of Joe Ross, 

recognized throughout the world, is Ethicality.

For this reason, we had great difficulty in pricing a tool that gives you the opportunity to cheat like Joe:

the choice was to devise a symbolic price!

To make it easier especially for those who do not have great economic possibilities we firmly wanted to armor

at €47 per month the subscription to our Indicators.


Indicator Camelback


+€47 of set up and licenses only the first month.

One of the most significant and simple Joe Ross' techniques ever realized by the great American trader, now usable with the only original Camelback Indicator. A very exclusive product with which JRFT becomes even more Brokerhouse at the service of traders.

With this Indicator you will have the opportunity not only to learn by making what you receive profitable, but also to "feel" a Pro trader with the relative satisfaction on your account!


NB: The Indicators are only accessible by those who trade from a real account opened with Joe Ross Fair Trading

Indicator Limitless


+€47 of set up and licenses only the first month.

It is the strategy inspired in the conception by Joe Ross and the best American traders, which since 2013 is being successfully used by other Academies, Asset Managers, Investment Funds and the Institutional world in general. Its creator, Stefano Paradiso, shared the secrets of the technique with the development team, in order to create an indicator/screener that was 100% adherent to the essence of Limitless.


NB: The Indicators are only accessible by those who trade from a real account opened with Joe Ross Fair Trading

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