What is a PAMM Manager account?

A PAMM account, an abbreviation of the Percentage Allocation Management Module, is a software that allows all those who have requested it to replicate, by means of an online panel, the trades of the Money Manager through a single MT4 account (called Master account or MM).

Every hour (Rollover) the system will calculate the Net Asset Value (NAV) and update the balance and equity balances in the respective user panels.

How do you open a PAMM Manager account?

Step 1

To  open a Pamm account you need to open a real account with at least €1000.


It is necessary for an investor to open a real account with at least

€ 1000 deposit

Step 2

Once you have completed step 1 you need to fill out the form. 

Open PAMM account
Your PAMM account will be ready in 24hr 

Advantages of managing funds using the PAMM system

  • Innovative and efficient software for managing deposits and withdrawals from customer funds.

  • Customized commission structure with (Entry fee, Exit fee, Management fee, Performance fee).

  • Investors cannot see transactions performed; therefore the intellectual property of the trading system is protected.

  • Reporting with real-time statistics of your system with:

  • Possibility to make your PAMM fund public and attract new customers with their own performances.

  • If you do not want to make your PAMM account public you will be given a private password that your investors will use to make their funds flow into your Master Account.

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